The site is provided to allow very easy engraving jobs to be done on your Ghost Gunner CNC machine. Enjoy!
I added VCarve as a cut type. I want to see more tests, but so far, I STRONGLY suggest using it instead of the "engrave" cut type.
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4
Line 5
Line Spacing
Char Spacing
Word Spacing

Image Heightmm
Font Heightmm
Cut Depthmm
X Offsetmm
Y Offsetmm

Cut Type
Bit Shape
VBit Angle
Cut Depth per passmm
Last Pass Depthmm
Bit Diametermm
Include STLs for Jigs

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ATF requires minimum character height of 1.5875mm and minimum depth of 0.0762mm. I'm leaving those fields open to any inputs as not all of the use of this tool is geared toward ATF compliance.

I suggest an engraving bit with a 45 degree tip. Something 2.5" long and .25" diameter.

In order to engrave any area on the left side it is necessary to either modify your stock left jig, 3D print one from the .stl files included in the .dd file generated by Ghostwriter, or to buy a set from GGD who designed them. If you would like to purchase a set, please email GGD at: Please include your desired mailing address in your email. GGD also offers engraving bits, many other custom jigs that fit a variety of lowers as well as the code to complete them. Email the previously listed email address to get a current list of available products available for purchase.

AutoProbe - This is used to compensate for an uneven surface. The better approach is to use the GGD designed front jig.

ImageFill - This creates a grid pattern in place of an outline of a solid object image. It remains to be seen how well this is going to actually look in the end. let me know? I'm curious.


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Change Log:

2018-06-05I've added a green X which represents the probe point just prior to the engrave job relative to the rest of the engraving. You can use this to determine if you would like to shift the piece left or right prior to the actual engrave.
2018-05-23After much thought, I'm strongly suggesting using the bits with the 45degree tip.
2017-12-28Added support for engraving images to the left side.
2017-12-25Merry Christmas! Added left side engraving and images.
2017-12-23Added a more accurate preview algorithm. Still needs tuning. Need help with consistently sized images to make that happen.
2017-12-13Added a fifth line. Very close to a much more accurate preview, image processing and selector labels.
2017-11-25Added support for ttf files and a very basic preview. The preview will mean more when more options exist.
2017-11-20Added a fourth line, shrank default font size and made that configurable.