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We track a minimum amount of data. As much as is needed to maintain the functioning of the site and to be able to investigate and resolve errors that might come up. We are not big brother.


If you get a DD from here that is in some way faulty, we will work with you to get things working. In the event that things go sideways, we will do everything we can do get a good DD in your hands.


We make a best effort toward putting out the best possible product we can. Sometimes things get weird. Sometimes directions aren't followed correctly. Sometimes life just sucks. We will do everything we can to help in all cases, but ultimately the user is responsible for their own actions.


We don't ship anything. If you are looking for something to arrive in the mail, you are thinking of the guys over at GGD-Store. They sell jigs and engraving bits and all of the hardware you might need in order to get things going. I'm the software side of things. We work together like peanut butter and jelly but we are different. Like peanut butter and jelly.

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